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56 Heart Warming Wedding Photos by a Photojournalistic Wedding Photographer

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

There is no shortage of heart warming moments at the right kind of wedding. Couples that bring intentionality and focus on what really matters tend to see a lot of these moment. There is nothing like hasty timeline that squander good vibes and leave little room for those tender precious moment.

Here are 56 moments captured at 9 different weddings that will help you remember what it's really all about.

Heart Warming Wedding Moments #1: Bitter-Sweet

See entire story here: Matt & Lydia

Lydia and Matt's wedding was scheduled May 2020. However, COVID showed no mercy and as a result not only did plans change entirely but Matt's family was unable to be there in person for the couples backyard elopement. Through the gift of FaceTime the were able to be held in the hands of everyone present to witness their union. Mixed emotions of pain and joy flooded Lydia and Matt's eyes as they were fully surprised by pre-pandemic wedding guests that lined the entire street to give their socially distant congratulations.

Heart Warming Wedding Moments #2: Long Distance Romance

See entire story here: Hannah & Phil

Hannah and Phil spent most of their relationship over sea's thousands of miles apart. From Cambodia and China, their story brought them to Tiny Boxwoods in Houston for an intimate wedding with people who had been with them all their lives.

1. In the first photo a shy and quiet Hannah was seen for the first time by her party.

2. In the middle of the officiants Gospel message Phil and Hannah could not stop looking over at one another. It was at this moment that they finally looked over at one another at the same time.

3 &4. Hannah becomes over whelmed at her fathers speech.

5. Hannah's friends admire the ring Phil chose for her.

6. Phil couldn't resist but Hannah took it like a real champ.

Heart Warming Wedding Moments #3: Proud Parents

See entire story here: Rachel & Alex

Rachel and Alex found love earlier than most and said "I do" at the (now demolished) Brazos Hall. Although this wedding was filled with special moments, nothing struck as hard as the micro exchanges that were caught between parent and child and bride and groom.

1. Alex is walked down the aisle by his mother, full of pride.

2. Rachel's first steps out onto the patio with her father before turning the corner to see Alex for the first time

3. A weepy smile is exchanged as Rachel passes her mother

4. Alex unable to contain himself and doesn't care who sees

5. Rachel's father and mother watch their daughter begin her new journey as a wife.

Heart Warming Wedding Moments #4: Roles reversed

See entire story here: Cory & Micah

All our lives parents take care of us until the day that they cannot. Micah and Cory understand that time isn't guaranteed forever as they embrace and lovingly put themselves aside to be there for their parents just as they were there for them.

1. Micah shares a private hug with her mother just before the ceremony.

2. Cory grooms his father beard. Just before this his father insisted that he removed his oxygen so his natural face would be remembered.

3. Cory, again, the last to get dressed for his own wedding because his father came first.

Heart Warming Wedding Moments #5: Happy Tears

See entire story here: Emma & Dylan

Happy tear, happy tears everywhere are Emma and Dylan's West Texas Micro Wedding. 1. Emma's grandmother sees Emma for the first time...

2. ...and she just cannot believe it

3. Emma walks towards Dylan with her father

4. Dylans grandmother finds her self overwhelmed by the sight of Emma's wedding march...

5 ...and so does Dylan

Heart Warming Wedding Moments #6: Daughter-in-love

See entire story here: Valerie & Steven

Am I allowed to have favorite? I wont say anything if you don't. This was one of my favorite moving moments I've shot at a wedding. I mean it when I say, I cried. It was Valerie and Steven's wedding day but it was also Emilia's wedding too as Valerie vowed to love Emilia as her own and raise her the best way she knew how.

1. Emilia watches her father and now step-mother make their promises to one another.

2-5. Valeri did a first look with all the women in her party and by the sight of Valerie, Emilia stepped out of the crowd to initiate a vulnerable moment with Valerie. With each progression of these photos the noise went from the sound of awe's and girlish squeals to the sound of silent sniffles.

6. Emilia was standing in line as a junior bridesmaid but sought the comfort of grandma's hug the moment she saw Valerie coming down the aisle.

7-8. Unbeknownst to everyone there, Valerie asked Emilia to stand between Steven and herself to read hand written vows to her.

Heart Warming Wedding Moments #7: I Wish you Could be Here

See entire story here: Jessica & Markus

Jessica and Markus, another long distance couple fought hard for their wedding. Markus is a German citizen and with the increasing restrictions to cross boarders, it was only Markus who could make it to his wedding while his family had to stay behind. However, Jessica had a plan. 1.Jessica breathing deep before her first look with Marcus who most of their relationship was over seas.

2-3. Christ followers and do-ers of the Gospel, Jessica and Markus included a time of worship through song at their wedding. Fully aware that they were only there by His grace, they worshiped unashamedly together with their guests.

4. Hillary, Jessica's best friend was asked to do the honors of revealing Markus's surprise

5-7. Markus sees and hears his family congratulate him and Jessica over video. He didn't expect it at all.

Heart Warming Wedding Moments #8: A Father's love

A door opened, a smile compromised by happy tears, and a joyous laugh from the belly of Monica's father spinning her around. Was he ever so proud of his daughter

Heart Warming Wedding Moments #9: First Looks and Cherished Moment

Nothing breaks me down still to this day than a first look with a father and/or grandparent. Lisa did both.

1-4. Lisa reveals herself to her father. A man of few words manages a, "Now, that's a dress!" however, his eyes says something far more endearing as he held her close

5-7. Grandma clutches her chest as she takes in the beauty before her eyes. Lisa took a private moment to sit with her grandmother and show her the butterfly pin on her bouquet the represented the spirit of a love one lost too soon.

8. Lisa's mother watches with glassy eyed during the father daughter dance


All Photography by Rebekah Paul Photography

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