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Downtown Austin Wedding: Brazos Hall Rachel & Alex

I remember Rachel booking. For some reason her consultation was a memorable one for me. I remember talking about the engagement session and how she wanted a urban inner-city vibe. Most importantly she wanted to capture an image of her and Alex crossing the street in front of the Captiol building so that on her wedding day they could recreate that same image with her entire wedding party. Perhaps she was memorable because she knew what she wanted and it was my job to make it happen for them. And I was glad to.

It shouldn't be a suprise that her venue was none other than Brazos hall. Other than The Contemporary (Austin's art museum) located literally 2 blocks away, Brazos Hall doesn't get any more idustruial/urban/inner city than that. Rachel and Alex's wedding would actually be one of the last weddings at Brazos as they plan to bulldoze it and build high-rise condos in it's place (RIP Brazos).

When I think of how to describe their wedding the word Gatsby comes to mind. Green and black with accents of gold, Rachels satin minimalistic dress, and Alex's classic black suit and black bowtie was such a timeless look yet so modern. Seeing weddings like theirs makes me wish I could do everything about my wedding all over again. Mason jars and burlap do not age well.... but I digress

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Rachel opted for a first look with her party and saved the first look with Alex for the aisle which proved to be the right choice for them.

When it came time to the ceremony, I think what got me personally were the looks exchanged by the parents as they gave their son and daughter to the other. Perhaps it's my age but the pride a parent really just hits me in the feels and the look that Alex's mom stole before she left him at the alter told a whole story in that single image. Alex, who struck me as a relativly reserved man, simply could not hold back a grin when he saw his bride adorning her fathers arm as they walked toward the front where Alex was waiting for her.

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It seemed only a few minutes before they were declared married and sealed it with a kiss. Now with Rachel on his arm, Alex looked like he was ready to take on the world.

Finally it was time to capture that long awaited image from their engagement session! We, and by "we" I mean the whole party of 18 people, walked, heels and all 3 blocks to the same exact crosswalk Rachel and Alex crossed in April of 2020 during their engagement session. With precision and perhaps a little bit of lawlessness, the whole party stopped in the middle of the road for an epic memory making moment that Rachel and Alex will always have.

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Casino games and cocktails kicked off the celebration that night while guest waited for the couples grand entrance and first dance. By then Rachel had already ditched her heels for some white sneakers, who can blame her? The evening continued with emotional toasts, and a cake cutting before everyone went in to tear up the dance floor.

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A long evening of celebrating finally came to an end with a private last dance as the guest prepared to send Rachel and Alex off into their first night as husband and wife with a bubble exit.

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There are just some couples that I really working with and a little sad when the working relationship comes to and end. Rachel and Alex truly gifted me with some of my favorite wedding and engagement moments and images that I have in my portfolio. I am of course so so happy for the couple and so glad to have been chosen to be a part of their amazing wedding. I wish that the best of their today's be the worst of their tomorrow's and that they grow more and more in love with one another.


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Transportation: Pedicab

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