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I'm introverted and semi calculated. For those of you speak typology I am INFJ 4w5.

A multigenerational Texas native, I love the feeling of the summer sun on my skin, crusing on my longboard, steak and eggs for breakfast, and a london fog latte. 


In my past life (2 years ago) I was a stressed out nurse manager dreaming of retirement. My husband got me into photography and before I knew it, it became our full time career. Now we are a photo + video husband and wife team and life couldn't be any cooler for me!


My passion is being the catalyst and creator of fantastic experiences and turning them in to art. Photography for me is beyond taking pretty pictures but a collection of real moments and little stories to be shared with people that did not exist when the moment happened. Wedding photography is the only asset in which the value increases with each passing year. 

I Am


heck'in introverted but still pleasant

Before all else, my interest as a wedding photographer is learning about you, your history, and where you are going; your story.

If you're just looking for comprehensive photographs of your wedding and having a personal connection with your wedding photographer is not in your taste, it's perfectly okay! I kindly ask that you consider another photographer who works remarkably under those circumstances and can meet your needs. I do not desire to be a commodity,


I desire to tell your story

My unappologetic request 

Rebekah is amazing. She is talented but also so so kind. She becomes more than your photographer, she becomes your friend and if that's what you're looking for she's the perfect photographer to book. This aspect of her personality really helped us because we were not used to being in front of the camera and from the beginning with our engagement shoot, she made us feel very comfortable and let us lean into our own personality with our photos. When it came to wedding day, she was absolutely thorough, professional, and creative and she gave us totally dreamy pictures to boot. we booked her and Juan (her hubby - for video) a year in advance. Her turn around time then was quicker than most photographers I had looked at when trying to decide to book. I figured by that time, she would be much busier but, nope, she delivered so quickly. Within 48 hours we had a sneak peak which was an amazing start to our honey moon. I could go on and on, but I will end the review with this: my (now) husband does not love taking photos and he has already suggested anniversary, birthday, and family shoots with Rebekah. That's how much we love her! Do not hesitate to book with her! <3

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