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Tiny Boxwood: Hannah & Phil's Wedding

I remember seeing Hannah's instagram photo the first time. The photo of her contagious smile with what looked like a mountain back drop, hair blowing in the wind; It caught my eye. So when the time came, and she reached out asking about the possibility of being her wedding photographer I knew exactly who she was!

The possibility became a reality and all of the sudden social media interaction became in person connection. During their engagement session I learned of their story. Their story of how both of them were English teachers. Phil in Cambodia and Hannah in China. The company they worked for forbade overseas relationships but Phil couldn't help himself when he saw Hannah and a multiday convention hosted by their company. A friendship began and blossomed over miles and miles of space until the time came where their relationship crossed the boundary of platornic to romantic.

Phil and Hannah are one of the most pure couples I've ever photographed. And I seriously mean that with every fiber of my being. The way Phil looks at Hannah is the way someone looks at a butterfly that landed upon their shoulder. A twinkle of disbelief that this is their reality, responding with seemingly new found permission to hold and touch one another and each touch ignites a spark too overwhelming to just dive right into. The love they share is a flame, precious and sacred.

And Tiny Boxwood hosted the most spectacular space and dinner for the guest and couple of honor. Candlelight illumited creating a warm safe atmosphere that matched Hannah and Phil.

May Hannah and Phil never loose the excitment of young love. May it grow deeper roots through the ups and downs life brings and with each passing year grow fuller and richer.

Venue: Tiny Boxwood (Houston Texas)

Photographer: Rebekah Paul Photography

Catering: Tiny Boxwood

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