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Austin Backyard Wedding: Lydia & Matt

May 1st, 2020.

An odd time in our history where everything is marked by social distance and public health. We didn't see this coming and in a few strokes, our world was flipped upside down and our heads still spinning. However, in the midst of the world and her current affairs, Lydia and Matt found solace in the garden of a friends home to get married.

What was already considered to be a quaint wedding was reduced to a handful of people who gathered to witness Lydia and Matt tie the knot. It was visually emotional for the pair as so many people could not attend, but so far from hollow. There was an emcompassing cheer and warmth that embraced all who were present, including those present via cellular device.

The nuptial started off with a casual feel as we prepared ourselves for the wedding. A light breeze carried the sounds of chuckles and friendly conversation between family and friends followed by a partaking of shots prior to the vows. Lydia, Matt, and I walked to the ceremony site giving the guest a 15 mintue delay so that they could get their portraits done. The garden merged into the public property of a hike and bike trail. There, we found spring had brough forth her best in a prickly pear blossom patch in full bloom. Commoners passes with their dogs and of course their dogs came to greet as if to congratulate the couple.

After our time had ended we walked back to gather the friends and family and call up the few that couldn't physically attened. Emotions flowed like a steam when Matt exclaimed while on facetime, "oh my goodness, you all dressed up!" we all choked up as he continued, "I wish you guys could be here right now".

The couple, the guest, and their tele-guest stepped through the tall yellow grass back to there ceremony spot. Lydia and Matt read matching vows to one another looking deeply into one anothers eyes meaning every word they said, as lover do. It was all sealed with a kiss and full on embrace while we all cheered... but the party wasn't over yet.

A long line of cars waited in front of the yard. Everyone wating in a parade of signs, honking horns, and family stretched out over car windows and sun roofs. They were gifted mini bottles of alcohol, large bottles of run, glitter was tossed and many many air hugs!

Who knew life would look so different just 4 months ago? Who knew so much would be cancelled? But without this, who knew how strong we could see ourselve, or just how much love would pull people together and find way to still support and be there for each other without physically touching. It's amazing and I count myself blessed to have not only witnessed it but to have actually been a part of it. I truly believe that yes, most might be cancelled but love cannot be cancelled.


Floral Bouquet by Mountain Laurel Floral

Dress from Anthropology


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