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Hideout On the Horseshoe | Photojournalistic Wedding | Valerie, Steven, and Emilia

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Thanks to a high school swim team pal, Traci. Her husband is best friends with Steven and they dropped my name when they got engaged. I'd say Valerie, Steven and I hit it off on the zoom call, instantly having nursing in common. It was the first time I was asked on a zoom call, why did I quit nursing? But that's another story for another day.

Two nurses that know how to work hard and proved it over the course of the pandemic but also knew how to play hard. Their venue doubled as cabins in the hill country overlooking the beautiful blue-green Guadalupe River. The day of while Valerie and her party got ready with hair and make up, Steven and his guys were hyping up poolside until the last minute and opting for pre-ceremony shots all together before the big moment

Valerie had a quaint and emotional first look with her girls step-daughter to-be, Emilia who quietly stepped out of from between all the green dresses to hug Valerie so earnestly. The patio went from the sounds of hype and hollering thrown at Valerie to silence and sniffles quickly. Valerie present her step-daughter with a gift of her own. A James Avery Bracelet with a tiny microphone and Texas state charm to start her collection.

Minutes before the ceremony, Valerie and Steven did a first touch with a gift exchange.

For someone who looks for the bleeding heart in the wedding and loves the thrill of snipping authentic emotion, it crossed my mind that perhaps the emotion had peaked... but man, was I wrong...

The ceremony came and one by one as it came closer to Valeries march Steven started to stifle his emotions until the very moment he saw his bride, it could not be contained. Steven, Emilia, Stevens mother and a couple of bridesmaids emotionally disassembled. The killer that ensured there wasn't a dry eye, including my own was the vow reading. Steven and Valerie wrote beautiful heartfelt vows to one another, but Valerie also wrote vows to Emilia which no one expected and made it all the more moving when she asked Emilia to stand with her and Steven as she vowed to love Emilia, protect, and nurture her for all her days.

Learn more about what drives me to focus on authentic emotion and a photojournalistic approach

Two people that know how to work hard, play hard, but mostly, love hard. There is no shortage on either in their lives and I believe that this will reign true through their whole live into old age. This is what it looks like to marry your best friend. This is what it looks like to live with freedom and security in the people you surround yourself with and choose to love. No one can take love away from you, it's the most precious thing we have in this world.

Oh and the last thing Valerie and Steven know how to do party hard! There was no shortage of fun, wild, and a little weird at their wedding reception!

Dress designer: Martina Liana purchased from Georgio's Bridal


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