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Gruene Estate Wedding: Cory & Micah

Like most of my wedding blogs start... ahem... Cory found me on Instagram. I swear I'm not on instagram 24/7!

Cory and Micah are from my hometown of Corpus Christi. I always get a little excited when connecting with people from CCTX because it's a little big town and you're always connected to someone mutual! Turns our Micah was a nurse educator for my sister while she was in nursing school! But I digress.

My last wedding of 2020, I walk in to be greated by Cory. He shows me around the grounds of Gruene Estates and then introduces me to his father. A man with a presence and a sense of humor, Cory gooming his beard before he readied himself. Micah in a house across the walkway was getting ready as well. LouBoutin shoes for each of them, I couldn't help but point them out. Cory said, "I only plan on getting married once so I might as well go all out!". I like that attitude.

Under the cover of a chapel with partial walls Cory and Micah were serenaded by the blessings of a good friend and a Samoan hymn. The ceremony was perfect in every way and the bell was Gruene Estates Bell was rang. I am so thrilled to have called Cory and Micah one of my 2020 wedding couples. I feel so blessed to have been part of their first step into forever.

Cake & Desserts: 2Tarts

Florals: HEB Florals


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Cory and Micah's Review

"I believe I followed Rebekah on the gram before we started this crazy journey to plan our wedding in 2020. As I reflect on the days before COVID-19 pandemic, life seemed to be somewhat carefree, we were doing everything right- Schooling, Proposal, New Career, New House and finally the wedding. Reflection always puts things into perspective a lot of things had to be altered in a relatively short time period but one thing that was constant was WE WERE GETTING MARRIED in 2020! The day I stumbled on Rebekah’s page, I was enamored by her eye, the way every couple were casted in such gorgeous/stunning photos. Each subject was celebrating something special but absolutely no photo was the same. She highlights that no two stories are alike. Rebekah made this whirlwind so easy, from the zoom meetings that replaced face to face meetings- We knew that she was the one we wanted to help illustrate our story. Rebekah is extremely talented and it shows in her gallery. The utmost professional but made you feel like we were long lost friends. That familiarity made you let your guard down and feel at ease. I don’t know how she did it but she managed to capture every moment in a way that each shot tells its own story in its own way. I wouldn’t change a thing on that December day. As if I couldn’t say anything better about our experience her turnaround from shoot to editing to publishing was extremely fast. We will definitely be repeat clients. Thank you for telling our story! Heres to us and your continued success."

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