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West Texas Wedding: Emma & Dylan

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

If you've ever been to the very west of Texas, you know first hand the enchantment that it holds. Epic sunsets that seemingly last hours giving off orange and red light that bounces off every mountain and vally casting shadows and shades that feel other worldly. It's a desert, the very real wild west of the southern boarder. This area is one of the remaining places in the developing worlds were some of the darkest night skies can be found. Collectivly the city is active to maintain ordinaces where light pollution stay at the bare minimum. Respect for this fagile remaining natural rescource is high.

Emma & Dylan found their oasis in here were her parents built on a plot of land high in the hills overlooking the whole city of Alpine. I mentioned to Dylan how perfect the weather was and how everything undoubtly seemed to be alighing for a perfect wedding day. His response was that of faith, that God was aware of the comitment they would be making and was blessing their matrimoney.

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A first look was chosen to be done with Emma's grandmother. If I my interject my own story within this one, this moment was the moment I knew what kind of photographer I wanted to be. It was the birth of my love for capturing people overwhelmed with emotion and to stay out of the way of what naturally was happening. Fabrication of events or emotion is dishonest and fails to tell the true story of how a person felt on the wedding day. This honesty matters more as we grow older and look upon our wedding images with every passing year and remember the people who were in our live at that time. Emma's grandmother was stunned by Emma's beauty and like a chorus to the song in her heart repeated how marvelous Emma looked between tears.

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The day started with a first touch which is a cross between a first look and waiting till the ceremony to see one another. It allow for Emma and Dylan to touch one another and read their private vows without laying eyes on one another and saving that perfect moment for the walk down the aisle.

It was time, the people had gathered facing the most fantastic view of the West Texas Desert Mountains. However more fantastic was it when Emma met Dylan at the foot of that view, and more precious was their vows to love one another through the pain and celebration of life and into their old age and beyond. As any ceremony the end was sealed with the first kiss as husband and wife and with near tactile amounts of joy Emma and Dylan skipped down the aisle with grins wider than any canyon. It was so cute and so perfect!

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If the moment had a phrase it would be "at last!" Dylan was Emma's and Emma was Dylans! Giddy like children, it was as if Emma and Dylan's mouths spoke one word, "yes". We milked every golden glow the day gave us until there was no more and even still we found boulder to climb upon still reaching to lower our horizon to catch just 1 more minute of sunlight. Thirsting for more we found a quenching in the romantic blue light that Emma and Dylan relished in holding one another close for the last few mintues before heading back to the abode where the celebration in their honor was awaiting.

At the reception, guest were seated at farm tables set under stringed lights. With seamingly no transition, the blackness of night was upon us all and the faint sparkle of Alpine's city centry could be seen in the distance. However, as beautiful as it was, it was far from the attention of anyone at the wedding.

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As a creative, I am always delighted to see wedding with stunning locations and arrangements. However, attending a wedding that, in the midst or absence of what is deemed beautiful, can still focus on the preciousness of two lives and families joining together, that is what delights me the most. Emma and Dylan had both. Blessed beyond measure and on the right path for a healthy and rewarding marriage, Emma and Dylan took off in his Dad's vintage truck towards their tomorrow.


This wedding was featured on Wandering Weddings!

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