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West Texas Wedding: Emma & Dylan

Updated: Jan 18

If you've ever been to the very west of Texas, you know first hand the enchantment that it holds. Epic sunsets that seemingly last hours giving off orange and red light that bounces off every mountain and vally casting shadows and shades that feel other worldly. It's a desert, the very real wild west of the southern boarder. This area is one of the remaining places in the developing worlds were some of the darkest night skies can be found. Collectivly the city is active to maintain ordinaces where light pollution stay at the bare minimum. Respect for this fagile remaining natural rescource is high.

Emma & Dylan found their oasis in here were her parents built on a plot of land high in the hills overlooking the whole city of Alpine. I mentioned to Dylan how perfect the weather was and how everything undoubtly seemed to be alighing for a perfect wedding day. His response was that of faith, that God was aware of the comitment they wouldn be making and was blessing their matrimoney. This spoke to my faith and brought peace to my soul.

The people had gathered facing the most fantastic view of the West Texas Desert Mountains. However more fantastic was it when Emma met Dylan at the foot of that view, and more precious was their vows to love one another through the pain and celebration of life and into their old age and beyond. As any ceremony the end was sealed with the first kiss as husband and wife and with near tactile amounts of joy Emma and Dylan skipped down the aisle with grins wider than any canyon. It was so cute and so perfect!

The sunset lasted and lasted and we absorbed every wave of light my camera could capture before heading back to the reception where guest sat at farm table set under stringed lights. With nearly no transition the blackness of night was upon us all and the faint sparkle of Alpine could be seen in the distance. However, as beautiful as it was, it was far from the attention of anyone at the wedding. Toasts were made, dinner was shared and dances were enjoyed by all!

A very merry wedding day was Emma and Dylan's, second to none and blessed beyond what we could ask for!

Scroll down to the end of this blog for an additonal piece of work we created. It's been a long time goal of mine to create an astro shot with a couple and despite nature putting up a bit of a fight (wind and rising full moon) I was able to make this goal a reality!

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Photography: Rebekah Paul Photography

Videography: Juan Jose Films

Location: Alpine, Texas

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