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The Wedding Book  

Timeless | Luxurious | Heirloom

Your Story is one Worthy of Printing


We work with one of the most prestigious album manufacturers in the industry to bring your story to life. These luxurious wedding books are the perfect way to share and reminisce with the ones you love and made with the intention to last a lifetime. 

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How it works

Consultation #1

Where we establish the books size, color, number of pages, and exterior deboss stamps. We will also discuss the collaborative approach for the interior layout design. 

Consultation time: ~30 min

Editing Phase

I will begin building the interior design and email you a PDF for your to review and make edits if desired. Each revision takes ~ 48 hours and will be sent to you for approval or additional edits. 

~ 10 day process

Consultation #2

We will either meet in person or zoom to review your book page by page before submitting and once again review the exterior design.You will receive the final quote for your wedding book 

Consultation time ~30 min


Once the invoice is paid in full your book will be submitted for print. It takes ~30 days to manufacture the book before shipping. We will regularly update you with sipping info.


Shipping ~40 days

Pre-designed packages

I'll be honest, there is a lot of decision to make when building an album. If you're a busy person or would prefer to leave it up to a professional, selecting an Album package will help mitigate much of the decision making. If you want more flexibility with design, cost, and album size fill out a contact form below and let me know you're interested in a custom approach.

The Novel

Starting at $1300


  • 9 x 12

  • 30 spreads (60 pages)

  • Leather or Cloth cover

  • Customized spine + cover deboss

The Story

Starting at $1000


  • 8 x 10

  • 30 spreads (60 pages)

  • Leather or Cloth cover

  • Customized spine + cover deboss

The Poem

Starting at $800


  • 6 x 8

  • 30 spreads (60 pages)

  • Leather or Cloth cover

  • Customized Cover deboss

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