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The Wedding Album  

Timeless | Luxurious | Your Heirloom

Transforming Your Memories into Art


We work with one of the most prestigious album manufacturers in the industry to bring your story to life. These luxurious wedding albums have the quality to last a lifetime and are the perfect way to reminisce with the ones you love

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How it works

Contact Form

First step is to fill out the form below where you will select your desired album package and your soonest availability to schedule a consultation to build the album. If your wedding has yet to happen, you are able to pre-order an album and bundle the cost with your open invoice.

Email response within 24hrs


If you don't have a sample album built, one will be built and sent to you before the scheduled consultation. During the consultation we will go through the digital sample album spread by spread making changes and select the outer aesthetics of the album

60-120 minute call


Unless your album was pre-paid, the invoice will be sent to you for the total album cost after tax. Prices include shipping. Rush shipping is available for an additional charge. Invoice must be paid within 48 hours in order to be submitted for manufacturing.

Invoice sent EOD


It takes approximately 30 days to manufacture the album. The album will ship to me first where I will repackage it and insert album care instructions before shipping it to your home either the same day or next business day. A tracking number will be emailed to you


In your hands in ~31 days

Wedding Album Packages

These album packages are designed to be able to tell the full story of your wedding day. However, additional spreads can be added as well as other upgrades and customizations that I would be happy to cover on our consultation.

The Novel

Starting at $1300


  • 9 x 12

  • 30 spreads (60 pages)

  • Leather or Cloth cover

  • Customized spine + cover deboss

The Story

Starting at $1000


  • 8 x 10

  • 30 spreads (60 pages)

  • Leather or Cloth cover

  • Customized spine + cover deboss

The Poem

Starting at $800


  • 6 x 8

  • 30 spreads (60 pages)

  • Leather or Cloth cover

  • Customized Cover deboss

Ready to Start Building Your Wedding Album?
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