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Woodbine Mansion | Austin & Heathers Emotional Wedding Day

When blogging I never really know what to talk about. What do strangers on the interest need to know about this wedding? What will keep that reader engaged. That's something I still don't know the answer to.

I'm the mushy type. The type that relates everything to something meaningful and purposefully even when seemingly unconnected to anyone else. So its natural for me to always want to talk about my experience shooting a wedding and what revelations came to me throughout the whole process of working with couples.

We all have a measure for our own success. It's highly subjective and deeply personal. Outside of the objected measures of success that come with running a business it's a tricky balance to find that sweet spot where you stay in business without selling out to whats trendy at the moment.

I have two questions that I use to measure my own success. Am I the type of photographer that gives a product and experience that I myself would pay for? The second, and most important one is, Do the couples I work for believe the same thing enough to want their unmarried friends and family to have their same experience?

Now, about Heather and Austin...

Depending on which funnel you came from (pinterest, instagram, facebook or google), you might have seen or remembered a couple of sessions I did over at Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. Heather and Austin were one of those couples. After a Moab elopement that fell through, Heather and Austin decided to fill in the gap left by the cancelled elopement and make use of a killer opportunity to their engagement session (See those engagement sessions here). The blog tells the full story but one thing I will repeat is how down this pair is to do just about anything and maximize the fun in life!

Heather and Austin's zest for life is no doubt attractive to all around them making their guest and individual parties one of the best collection of people we've every... no like really EVER have worked with. They are two deeply loved and respected people. It's amazing to think how their impact on the people around them cultivated them such a wonderful support system and friend group that reached so far as to bless my husband and I as mere outliers during a short walk through this part of their life.

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It was almost like it was intentional; the experience they gave me... a wedding photographer who job it is to make sure that the couple gets the best of what I can give. At Heather and Austin's wedding what you see here is real. The joy, the love, the romance, the warmth that extended and poured over the place.

I'm an earnest individual, it's important to me to mean what I say and say what I mean. I don't throw compliments around for the sake of being nice or liked, I've withheld many words when cross examination determines that I don't really mean them. So when I tell you, that this wedding was one that I will cherish and never forget and will go down in my career history as a favorite, I hope you know that a written statement like that has passed all the checks in my head and has earned it's right to be believed.

I love my couples and I've built a brand on it. I love the connection with people and exploring all the pieces of your life that made you the person your partner fell in love with. It's why my measures of my own success have everything to do with personal connection and how excited you are thinking about our encounters.

I know our time together is short in the grand scheme of things that is why when Heather leaned into me during her reception on her own accord and unprompted and said, "Rebekah, I feel like you're here and a part of my wedding as a friend", I was at a loss for words overwhelmed by the feeling that my job was one well done beyond anything that I could hope.

My striving isn't done because words like that are my high, but because I truly and wholeheartedly believe that every couples deserves a wedding experience that was better than they imagined. Knowing that this day will only happen once, and everything about the day should ONLY point back to the celebration of marriage to your spouse and there shouldn't be any room for vendor egos or selfish desires that dampen the day... No, I'm here to serve you and help you enjoy the day and feel a freedom to celebrate and relish in the joy the way that you want. It's the perfect recipe for a beautiful experience and images that are unprompted and unscripted and most importantly authentic to your story.

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Wedding located in Round Rock Texas. Vendor Team listed Below

Coordinator: KS Events (no longer in service for wedding planning)

Catering: PEJ catering

Rentals: Whim Rentals

Rebekah Paul Photography clients get exclusive access to my vendor list of trusted Austin Area vendors who provide and equally high end, luxury experience that helps support a stress free wedding day and planning experience.

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