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Photography with Purpose


Imagine this: We spend 60 awkward minutes at a park photographing forced smiles, your dress is hot and itchy, you think, "when would I ever find myself dressed up in a field at sunset, and now the toddler (or partner) is having a melt down. Need I say more? 

Real life is messy, inconvenient, but beautiful and it's rarely the stiff posed photos that mean the most to us. 

 I'll meet you where you're at to artistically photograph little hands and toes, the chaotic energy of your threenager, the last days before graduating to parenthood, and all the lovely moment that make life meaningful. 

This Collection Includes

Planning meeting(s) to curate a personalized approach to document this time in your life


60 day hosting of your digital images


USB containing your digital images

Vintage 8mm Film Video Session 


I appreciate a much slower and low maintenance pace when it comes video. I fell in love with the beauty of analogue film years ago and have been using it to document my personal life. Now, I have chosen to add it to my collection so you can experience the charm and magic of film footage of your own  memories.

Film is honest and humble just like the session experience you will get. The grain, the slight distortion of color, the fuzzy picture and hand-held look make feel like a beautiful memory. 

This Collection Includes

Planning/curating a personalized approach to document your session


Processing of film to digital file


Vimeo hosting where you can watch, download, share your video


3 minute film of your families invaluable memories

Book your session and seize these days

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