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Park 31 | San Antonio Wedding Venue | Karlina & Max

Park 31 Located in the heart of Central Texas beautifully amalgamates industrial and romantic elements in their 13,000 square foot building. The venue sits on land covered with mature oak trees, full native Texas foliage and two outdoor ceremony locations.

Driven with servitude in mind and hearts full of passion, the team at Park 31 offers more than just a unique luxurious space but a promise of a one of a kind venue experience. And personally, I've never had a bad experience at Park 31.

Karlina and Max's wedding started of with explosive energy. Having never met any of her 15 person bridal party, I was welcomed like an old friend by all of them. It's no secret that you can tell so much about a person by way of the people they surround themselves with. Karlina has a phenomenal group of friends in which anyone can tell, how genuine their love for her is. It's palpable and sonically booming. Literally sonically booming... It's the first time my apple watch ever notified me that the screams made by a group of ever-loving girls seeing their bestie in her wedding dress for the first time, hit a sound range ABOVE 90 decibels.

Karlina and Max's first look was tender and full of emotion. Karlina is the energetic expression to Max's masculine stoicism. They read their vows under the shade of one of Park 31's many mature oak trees. Between the quiet whispers of Karlina and Max's private words to one another were the ripples of giggles and squeals Karlina made exchanging words and a cheeky first look with her soon-to-be husband.

The ceremony took place at the "Living Oak" location. One of Park 31's two outdoor ceremony spots. It's was a (very) warm June weekday with little respite but what a testament to how loved this couple is when I saw that every seat was full.

Karlina and Max, believers in Christ partook in their first communion together as husband and wife with all their loved ones to witness. Sealed with a kiss (or two... or three) they were now married.

We worked efficiently sparing the couples, covered in many layers, any more time out in the heat of the Texas summer heat. Although brutal, there is nothing quite like Texas hill country sunsets that give rich golden hues that matched the romantic nature Karlina and Max had.

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Upon first arriving to Park 31, it's easy to be taken aback by the "En Gedi" Main Hall where the couples reception took place. Sky high ceilings, multi-tier chandeliers and a wrap around balcony on the upper level for ample seating and first row view to the couples grand entrance, toasts and first dance.

That upper balcony offered an alternative perspective of the first dance and as a documentary style photographer, I love being able to grab shots of guest gathered around the railing to watch the first dance.

All in all, Park 31 served up an amazing experience for Karlina and Max and to myself and my team. I look forward to the upcoming weddings I have at Park 31. If you found yourself here and are considering Park 31 as your venue choice you can find the link below to their website where you can schedule a tour and talk to the managers there! If you're on the hunt for a photographer or husband and wife photo + video team, click any of the links across this blog or down below to see if you think my style and approach is a good fit!


Venue: Park 31

Photography: Rebekah Paul Photo

Catering: Got it Covered

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