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Turks and Caicos Elopement: Courtney & Dave's solo Caribbean elopement

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Where do I even begin in writing the story of this day??? How about this little factoid...

Courtney and Dave were my first booked wedding. It was such a huge deal 1. because I only had a very small portfolio of work from a couple of free sessions I did with couples around Austin, Tx. And 2. They were planning on having their wedding in up state New York. I was introduced to them via instagram by our mutual friend Robyn of Robyn Michelle Photography (who does some of the most classy and sexy boudoir work might I add). About six months after booking their wedding Courtney calls me... and she's nervous. She had made changes to her wedding plans that she was worried I wouldn't be able to accommodate. I remember it like yesterday when she asked me if I was willing to go with them to Turks & Caicos to photograph their elopement. I had barely gathered my composure before I gave her a very affirmative answer.

A little over a year later,(and much more portfolio building) We booked out hotel and flights and were on our way to Turks and Caicos!

I hadn't met Courtney or Dave all this time since we live in different states so I was very excited to finally meet them. She was already getting her hair and make up done by a local HMUA on the island so we got started right away photographing the wedding details. Courtney and Dave were sharing a suite space so it made is especially hard for them to keep from seeing one another before the first look. But they managed, and the moment couldn't have been sweeter!

We spent about 40 minutes rolling around the resort finding cute little nooks and symmetrical hallways to get pre-wedding couples portraits before the ceremony. We finished up and had roughy an hour to kill before the ceremony so with the permission of the Bride... rather the insisting of the bride, we slipped on our swim suits and basked in the tropical sun to give the bride and groom a bit of time to FaceTime with family before the wedding.

Thankfully the hour passed quickly and it was game time. Shameka, the local wedding coordinator cleared out a small semi-private area of Grace Bay beach. Dave, already in place with the local officiant watched (along with a few curious vacating by-standers) his bride make her way through the site sand to him. At this time a huge cloud rolled in and covered the burins sun and made the lighting even and made it cool enough to get through the ceremony for the couple. But that was only the first of many miracles to happen that day. They say it's good luck if it rains on your wedding day, and although there was no chance of rain in the Turks and Caicos forecast a light sprinkle began while being pronounce husband and wife! Everyone (including the by-standers) applauded as they kissed and began straight into their first dance in the rain and sunshine.

The rain got a bit harder and shelter was sought under the canopy of Garths drink stand. Garth, the unofficial bartender and DJ made the couple and our selves an appropriately named drink called "the hook" while he serenade Luke Combs song "Beautiful Crazy" to Courtney and Dave. A few moments after the song ended, someone around up pointed out two full double rainbows that emerged before we hit the bottom of our "hooks". Disclaimer: I swear I'm not making this up!!

Simply one blessing after another after another and after another. It's easy to see that Courtney and Dave have entered into an everlasting love. One of unity, friendship, cooperation, and a whole lot of fun! This experience will remain unmatched in all my years of travel, I am sure of it! Courtney and Dave you two are one of a kind and some of the most authentic and giving people I've come across. I wish you a lifetime of hope, love, peace and joy and I hope we cross paths again soon!

*PS: check out the video to see a surprise gift these two gave to us!

*Read This Brides Google Review of My Services at the End of This Blog*

All Photography: Rebekah Paul Photography

Travel Destination: Providenciales Turks & Caicos

Local Coordinator: Shameka Simmons


Kind Words From The Bride: "Why do stars stop at 5?! There is not enough good I can say about Rebekah Paul Photography that can translate to a review because you have to see it to believe it. I booked Rebekah all the way from up north in New Jersey to shoot our wedding, solely based on another photographers recommendation. It was a giant leap of faith. Not only had I never met her but she was just getting her company started and I didn’t have a ton to go off of pictures wise. From what I saw though, I knew she was the one. Her eye for detail and for capturing the emotional moments that, as a bride, are so ever changing and precious, were so on point.

My now husband and I decided to change our plans after about 4 months of having booked Rebekah and moved our wedding to an international destination elopement. I slightly held my breath when I called her to let her know but not only was she extremely accommodating, she was over the moon excited! She made everything that we feared go away with her confidence and encouragement that not only was she on board to join us but she had a ton of ideas to support the venture.

We just got married in Turks and Caicos and it was the most magical day of our lives. Rebekah’s husband, Juan, joined us as well and getting to know both of them and seeing our wedding through their eyes has been the most special journey yet. They are true artists and their attention to detail and brilliance of how they directed us all day was incredible. Each shot ended up better than the next. They knew the places to go, the right light to shoot in and walked us through everything patiently and professionally.

The two of them are a beautiful couple and if you ever have the chance to even book one of them, jump! From the handful of shots we’ve gotten to preview, we are overwhelmed with joy. Our family has been in awe of the pure beauty that they captured of our day. There are no words that I need to put behind any single picture, they all speak for themselves. Our joy, happiness and love are plastered all over them with so much added character that only Rebekah herself was able to see.

This girl is a rockstar, book her before she gets booked, you will end up on a waitlist, trust me. She’s that good!"


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