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Red Bud Isle Engagement Session: Monica & Sorenson


If you're a born and raise Austinite (Austonian?), then Red Bud Isle's beauty likely isn't a surprise. But after suggestion it as a engagement session location, it was a hidden gem newly discovered.

Red Bud Isle is a 13 acre island on the Colorado river and there are only about 30 parking spots so this hot spot fills up FAST. Although it can be a pain to miss out on parking, it's nice to know that the island can't ever be super crowded, which is great news if your looking at it for a possible engagement session location.

Quite possibly the best part about Red Bud is that it's an off leash dog park! So the three of us got our fix of puppy loving in between session breaks.

Speaking of puppy loving, Monica and Sorenson had much love to give and weren't shy for the camera. With little coaxing needed to spur on a spark that made them forget I was even there taking picture of the whole thing, It made my job so easy that I struggle to take full credit of the images you see on this blog.

After days and days of clouds, we were so lucky to have a small front blow through and wipe the sky clear the night before. The sun rose straight over the Colorado river, but not before its golden rays slip between the naked winter trees, giving them a sort of life that they seemed to lack just a few moments ago. Quite kayakers paddled through the river and the drops of water from their ores echoed in the halls of the river bed. Everything was still setting the perfect romantic winter scene for Monica and Sorenson's warming cuddles.

Monica and Sorenson were my first session of 2020 and kicked it off the season strong, oddly enough they will also be my first wedding of 2020 and I already have high hopes for how amazingly beautiful it will all be.

I look forward to the next session I get to do here at Red Bud Isle. Although, we covered a lot of ground we were only able to scratch the surface of the 13 acre stretch of land. There is still more to see and me and my camera are ready!



Location: Red Bud Isle Park Austin, Tx

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