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Brazos Hall Wedding | Austin Wedding Photographer | Paige & Clayton

Updated: May 12, 2021

Where do I even begin with this couple? This wedding? I'm sit here at my computer completely overwhelmed as to what point and what order of points I should stick with and follow. But now I ask myself, why do I even flatter myself in thinking half the people who visit read all the words to my blog? And somehow all I feel very underwhelmed haha!

Let start at Picnik. A trendy little outdoor food truck park west of downtown Austin where Paige, Clayton, my husband and myself all met up for the first time after they had inquired. It was the very beginning of the Pandemic and I was concerned that this would be all we talked about when getting to know one another knowing that when there is't a spark conversation typically defaults to current events or worse... the weather! But my concern quickly melted under the warmth of conversations laced with excitement about enneagram, their wedding vision, their story, and their passions & goals in life. These, are my people!


I believe in loving and serving people... discover my heart behind why I give the wedding photography experience I do.

I believe in my heart that wedding photos are for the people that don't exist in your life yet. Every wedding I enter my goal is to transcend the couples energy, love, and over all story in to pixels on prints that jump into the hearts of the viewer like they're alive. Paige and Clayton's wedding was oh, so alive from the moment we arrived at the airbnb both parties were getting ready at.

The Brazos hall filled up quickly with guests. Prayers were said before the aisle was walked down, and tears were already flowing. Clayton waited and failed to keep in his emotions when he saw how beautiful his bride looked linked arm in arm with her parents. The unity of the two was solidified with the braiding of a cord and partaking in Holy Communion together, and of course sealed with a kiss and party moves down the aisle as family and friend cheered.

Being the very Austin-downtown-urban-city-central vibe Brazos Hall is, it made the most sense to take their large bridal party to a couple of cross walks and get some shots. We also got lots of honks... we'd like to think they were honks in celebration but some of the faces conveyed otherwise. Paige and Clayton would have said yes to almost anything and trust like that makes my artist heart soar! With a hard "YES" Paige and Clayton hopped into my car (some trust!) so we could chauffeur them down the street to a parking garage rooftop 9 levels up for some couples portraits and smoke bombs not thinking about the fact if it was actually legal to set them off within city limits or not... oops!


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Back at the Brazos Hall, friends and family waited for the couple of honor. Big GOT fans, Paige and Clayton were knelt before and a thick faux fur coat was don over Claytons shoulders and two mid-evil looking mugs were placed in their hands as they were fittingly introduced to the theme song of GOT.

As formalities of dinner, cake cutting, and toasts commenced, everyone was eager to get down and party! The floor at Brazos Hall wasn't able to hold the party... no literally... the wood floors at Brazos hall was terrifyingly caving in like a trampoline as everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) came together on the dance floor to party. Like, even grandma was busting moves.

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What I love most about every wedding, is how dynamic they are. Every wedding should be a reflection of what you love with who you love. Don't be pressured to put your wedding in a box. Take your day and ask yourself, how do you and your partner want to celebrate and make it happen to the best of your abilities. It's clear to see that Paige and Clayton love the energy, love people, and people love them... a whole freaking lot!

Welcome to married life, I know you're going to do just fine!


Coordinator: Bianca Trevino

Videographer: Juan Jose Films

Party Hype Master: DJ Byrne Rock

Calligraphy + Signage: Kasandra Balandrano


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