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Austin Rooftop Couples Photography Session: Addy & Nolan

I'm not afraid to say that sometimes, I as a photographer can get into a rut of shooting. It's important to catch those feelings at the very start before they become too big and engulf my whole creativity. Addy and Nolan's session came just in time. They were ready and will to do anything. But instead of telling them what to do I tried an approach I long since abandoned along the way of being "professional".

I asked them, What do you like? And no surprise, they told me what they liked! My job was to take those things and incorporate it into a session and tell a short story of them. Our location was a parking garage deep in the heart of downtown Austin with teal and orange glassy views that completely block the horizon. 9 levels below is the city and it's noise just far enough from ear shot to create a low hum.

Even though Addy and Nolan don't skateboard, they are pizza and Nintendo switch enthusiasts and have the sweetest Indie teen movie romance between them. What makes it all 10000x cuter is the fact that they've been together since they were 14! Teens are such a formative years in a persons life and I think there is much to be said about relationships that make it through the teens and into your twenties.

Photography: Rebekah Paul Photography

Location: Austin Texas

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