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Shiraz Gardens | Marie and Chachi's Adorable Playful Wedding | Austin Wedding Venue

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Springtime in Texas, temperature wise, it isn't much different than summer beside the cooler mornings and fabulous colors of the Texas wildflowers. But under the cooling shade of The Shiraz Gardens everything beautiful blossoms and grows for those lucky couples that host their wedding at Shiraz Gardens.

Marie & Chachi or as they so cleverly refer to themselves as "Mariachi became one of those lucky Shiraz Garden couples.

Chachi is from Oklahoma and Marie from Georgia and they met in Kansas city while attending art school. They can't quite remember when their first encounter was but they seem to remember it being at a party... maybe.... according to Chachi. What they do know is that after 6 years they didn't want what they had to ever end, so Chachi proposed while camping in Arkansas.

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"We have an anti cookie cutter mood about life. we are both easy going and are NOT in a hurry to do everything *just right*. Life is chaos and we're just riding the waves. I'm super out going and Marie is a little.....less that way, we strike a great balance that non of our friends thought would work. WELL WE SHOWED THEM." wrote Chachi on his initial contact form through my website.

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I love a couple that knows what they're about and even more so, rolls with it. They're not out there trying to conform or present themselves in any other light that isn't authentic to them. That's my most favorite thing as a documentary style photographer. I want to capture it how it is, how it really felt, and connect you emotionally to images that are true to your person by curating an experience that speaks your language.

It's the difference between asking me to decorating a cake that has its flavors, colors, and textures established versus asking me to make a yellow cake that tastes like red velvet. It's easier for me to create on a solid foundation of who you are rather than making something up or creating an illusion.

Mariachi's wedding was true to who they are. Unhurried, warm, playful, with an undertone of innocence and romance. Marie, bashful as she walked towards and stood before Chachi could hardly contain her giggle as he spoke his vows to her. Chachi's eyes never left his brides unless to look up towards the sky throwing his head back in laugher at something Marie spoke in her vows.

Working with them as a professional wedding photographer was simple. Almost too easy as I gave very little prompting like a steady wind on a ships sail.

The reception area at Shiraz Gardens is the such a treat! It's a symmetrical semi closed off area around a beautiful water garden area that makes for interesting photographs and a layout that still flows well for your guests, a bar on either side and stringed lights.

Mariachi and their party entered with a fluorescent energy. A welcome speech made followed by a toast with a traditional Armenian drink kicked off the family style reception dinner. Marie father gave an endearing speech that bubbled up everyone's emotions, especially Marie.

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Wtih bellies full the guest were eager for the final event of the night. Mariachi danced to Lola Marsh's full song "Something Stupid" From "Better Call Saul". I'm not sure I've heard a more perfect song for a couple. One that rang true to their characters and playful nature (and a song that I immediately downloaded on my way home that night). They swirled around on the dance floor, Marie dress brilliantly catching the air upon every spin. Occasionally she would break into a few playful hops around Chachi whose eyes fixed on Marie, were are permanent as his smile.

The dance floor opened up and rugs were cut for a couple of hours before Marie and Chachi had their exit. Ribbons and bells were waved by the friends and family in full and final celebration of their hours old marriage!

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Complete Vendor List

Coordinating/planning: Perfectly Uncommon

Videography: Juan Jose Films

Hair & Make up: Makeup by Adrienne

Florals: designed by the couple themselves

Bar Tending: We Tend Bar

Party Bus: Limos of Austin

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