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Robyn & Paul | Chateau Bellvue

It was March and a very busy wedding season was looking over me like a heavy rain cloud ready to drench me in extroverted energy, long days on my feet, and editing photos in our vampire cave (aka our home office).

Don't get it twisted, I love what I do and it's the only way this staunch introvert can willingly harnest every drop of extroversion out of my soul. However, the cost is a decrease in creativity. In a career where creativity is the heartbeat I have to give myself a jumpstart every now and again. A time to graciously practice new editing techniques, use new equipment, or different methods of communication with clients without the pressure of failure on someonelses dime.

I called my photographer pal Robyn and she volunteered herself and her husband Paul to fill the role of a story I wanted to create. I Hope you enjoy the results below!

booking information can be found Here

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