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Camino Real Ranch Wedding | Natalie & Cristian

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Camino Real Ranch came onto the Austin Wedding Vendor scene with a bang. I remember hearing about this place and after that it was like I was seeing it everywhere. If you're from Austin, maybe you've experienced the same feeling.

If not, well, it's made it's place known for good reason and well deserved. With a touch of desert vibe, class, and good ol' Austin funk, it really is an incredibly versatile venue.

Having shot a number of Camino Real wedding, each one is so different from the last. It's a place that picks up the character of the people the fill its space; a blank canvas without being boring.

Natalie and Cristians wedding brought a humble classiness, simplicity, and elegance to Camino Real and not to my surprise, it was executed brilliantly!

Natalie and Cristian's Camino Real wedding was a typical Texas December wedding, sunny and a little cold. An easy transition for their family traveling from California to see them get married.

Camino Real is partly owned by another photographer who's understanding of good light = good images really came in clutch. Natalie and Cristian chose to have their wedding indoors in one of the two huts on the Camino Real Ranch property. The translucent cover makes it easily one of the most beautifully, evenly lit venues in the Austin area.

The two huts I mentioned are a few second walk from one another. It's easy to set up mobile bar stations in between the two areas that allowed their guest to enjoy the outdoor space while the ceremony area went through a quick flip to reception/dining space.

Meanwhile myself, Natalie and Cristian snuck around to get their couples photos done in the many areas in and around Camino Real Ranch. My ultimate favorite location is the Q-hut where there is this fantastic floor to ceiling translucent window that faces west and creates the richest sunset glow in a unique linear shape. It might actually be everyones favorite as I've had every couple without fail ask for images with that window.

Believe it or not, that long Q-hut window is only a close second to the fairy lights that cover the ceiling of the reception hut. Natalie and Cristians wedding was the first one I did after these lights were installed and with the right lens and angles, they create the most elegant and romantic backdrop for dances and toasts.

Camino Real Ranch is a no brainer for the couples like Natalie and Cristian that want something elegant, unique, and adapts to the style and energy they bring to the venue. Although it has the word "ranch" in its name, it's far from the ranch/farmhouse style that is so prevalent in Texas wedding venues. I hope you consider making this place the space you have your wedding. And if it's something you're considering, see the links to all the vendors that made Natalie and Cristians Camino Real Wedding so beautiful, below

Vendor Team

Planning/Coordinating: Blue Events Co.

Florals: Remi & Gold

Rentals: Marquee Rentals

Catering: PEJ events

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