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Lost Mission | Sara & Adam

Elegant and romantic are the words often times reached for when couples describe Lost Mission. With an old world feel, the white stucco buildings that peek between the cedar and oak trees of central Texas cast a charming spell over you.

With a name like "Lost Mission" it easy to assume that this place has a deep rich history, however, that is not the case... well not the case in the way your might think. The structure was built in the early 2009's by a renowned architecture with roots in New Mexico. The pews you find in the Chapel of transplants from an old church in Pennsylvania that date back to the 1890's. So the old world charm is quite real.

Nonetheless, as stunning as this venue is, it became all the more with enchanting by way of the Roessler Wedding.

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Sara and Adam opted to keep is classic and save all the feels for their first look down the aisle. This gave the couple quality time getting hyped and psyched up by their individual parties. A good friend group like Sara and Adam had with them understood their assignment to the "T"!

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One the most beautiful parts of this wedding was the gravity of love I felt from everyone. Yes, EVERYONE no exaggeration. But this makes sense. Adam and Sara are incredibly lovely people, inside and out. Throughout the wedding planning process and even outside of all things, their wedding, I had the pleasure to get to know the couple over a 4am wakeup call, hikes, and dinner in Utah ( see their Arches National Park Engagement Session Here). Sara is also an ATX Wedding industry professional and her spirit and heart flood into anything she does. Adam, right there with her, genuine in the way he listens and cares for those he loves, the couple really are an inspiration.

So does it not make sense that people like them attract people like them? It was quite difficult to feel like an outsider. I felt part of a long lost friend group and under circumstances such as this, I feel as though I create some of my best work. I am working for people who I feel I know and love. Creating came natural and all the time we spent together made it simple to sense the mood and slip into a groove of solidarity throughout the whole day.

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Their reception... omg their reception...

I am not really sure how to describe it and if a picture is worth a thousand words, this is where I am so grateful that I my career is one of picture taking. Non stop dancing, GREAT music, glow sticks, Sara hoping on stage and rapping, Hands down one of the best reception parties I've been too! (DJ info at the end of this blog)

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Vendor List

Event Planning & Florals : Marion Matrimony Events and Florals

Hair & Makeup: Project Artistry

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