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Cibolo Nature Center: Boerne Texas Wedding

Where do I begin with these two? Alex and Christian emailed me long ago originally wanting to elope in Big Bend NP. However, plans changed throughout the seasons. Roughly 3 weeks before the elopement date, Alex DM'd me a photo of a location she had seen on Instagram; it was Cibolo Nature Center in the heart of Boerne Texas. I said, "let's do it!" a single location scout later I had all the spots planned, where the ceremony would take place and where I would do the couples portraits for their sunset elopement.

Christian dressed for his wife he had not seen for over 48 hour, was beyond ready. I hardly had my camera settings down before Alex came marching up behind Christian full smile for the big reveal. She looked beyond stunning in droves of tulle and off the shoulder laced sleeves. You could tell Christian was gasping to take her all in.

It was hot, I'm not going to lie and with a slight change in plans for the ceremony site location, I felt myself getting a bit anxious but I would hear Christian exhale a soft "wow" followed by Alex's adorable giggle. Those moments kept me grounded to the reality that nothing else mattered to them other than what was about to take place.

Their dog Opal was the guest of honor along with Christian's friend as a witness and Alex's friend performing the wedding ceremony... and of course myself. I've always seen the beauty in simplicity; the realization that too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing for some people. This year has been a doozy for us all but Alex and Christian keep their heads up and knew what they wanted. It was simple, they wanted to be married and that's just what they did, no frills, no matching napkins and linens, just them two and a couple of their pals. It couldn't have been more beautiful.

Location: Cibolo Nature Center: Boerne, Tx

Dress: Maudie Dress by Willowby purchased at Liv and Love Bridal

Hair and Makeup Artist: @jenellemuah

Florals by: HEB

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