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Big Bend Elopement | Chisos Mountains | Chris & Grace

As Texas begun to open back up, Chris and Grace were excited for an in person meeting to plan their elopement. At an outdoor bar, over cocktails, and spicy boneless wings we connected and I got to hear their story and see the color of their individual personalities. We discussed their vision & the must haves during their elopement.

At the time of our meeting Chris and Grace hadn't told their families their plans for the same reason a lot of eloping couples don't. I've witness many cancelled elopements in exchange for a traditional wedding once they tell their families and it only saddens me to see this when I know deep down, it's not what the couple wanted. For Chris and Grace, their families might have had a difficult time with the decision initially, but they found a beautiful compromise.

The elopement now would take place over the course of two days rather than one in order to accommodate 6 guests. Day one began with a sunrise hike to summit the Chisos Mountains. Chris and Grace had a quick wardrobe change for a private first look with the most heavenly backdrop anyone could imagine.

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The first look and hike was all that was in the plans for Thursday. Chris and Grace planned to head back to their basecamp and spend the rest of the evening with Grace's brother before the rest of the family arrived for Friday's itinerary. On our way down Chris mentioned how he feared having a first look on a completely different day than the actual wedding would feel a bit staccato. Both his and Graces oppinion was transformed as they felt it was a nice ease into the multiday elopement. It was private and unrushed and they were now more mentally prepared to commit their vows to one another in the presence of their family feeling content with the opportunity to have had such a powerful, emotional, and private time together. Hearing that, I felt so proud of the them. They found a way to not compromised their desire or compromise the very thing that appealed to them about having an elopement in the first place. Let this be an encouragement to couples contemplating eloping but fear the opinions of their family. It can be done! Be flexible but be determined.

Friday came along and the couple, having already had their first look got to help one another get ready at their cabin, which I found to be one of the most poetic ways to get ready for a union with your partner.

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Everyone arrived at Santa Elena Canyon. We nagivated a few hiccups along the way but overall the wedding was so beautiful and perfect. Chris and Grace wrote their own vows using the same exact template that they found online. Halfway through their readings the couple was full of giggles realizing for the first time that they had used the exact template for their vows.

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After the ceremony Chris and Grace said their see-ya-laters to the family and got another round of alone time for couples portraits at a scenic overlook where they took part in their first dance as husband and wife. Only their first dance wasn't what you are probably imagining if your mind went to a slow romantic dance. Nope, their style was shaking and grooving to Lizzo! Euphoria had entered the moment as they danced and sang. And I got to witness the magical transformation of time turning into memories.

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Chris and Grace finished off the day over a campfire and tacos, talking about the tactile sensation a ring on their left 3rd finger was and how it was that same sensation that reminded them that they are now someone wife/husband.

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Chris and Grace had a beautiful elopement. Not because of the location or their choice in aesthetics but because they had the best of what they wanted.

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