The Rebekah Paul experience

You and I know both know photographers are a dime a dozen many of which are priced competitively. I am grateful you made it here on your search for a photographer. Sure, a lot of us photographers have the same equipments so what makes me different from the rest? 

Intentional focus on your experience

Now, I speak from experience here and I'm going to tell you a harsh truth. Some photographers are focused on quantity of weddings booked, and not the quality of the experience provided. Unless you know how to decipher them, often times you find out when it's too late. My mission and what drives my session experience is authenticity to the couple. You see these photos aren't going to hang on my walls, or be shown to my grandchildren, but they will for you. Pulling out genuine laughter and the true character of your relationship doesn't just happen. The comfort of being able to feel and act yourselves during a photography session happens when you feel comfortable and safe with the photographer. This is why I make it a point to get to know couples throughout the whole wedding planning process. 

Experienced guidance

I believe a professionals job is not to be a "yes" man but to give an honest review of what options would best serve the paying couple. I understand that as the professional I have the insight and foresight to see what the lay person may not. I am the one shooting session after session and wedding after wedding and has seen what works great and what might not work so great. I have no issues letting you know that doing a sparkler exit 3 hours after open bar, isn't the best idea but with a little compromised I can make it to where you are still able to get what you want!

Tasteful use of light

Natural light photographer is a word you might see a lot while shopping for a photographer. Natural sunrise or sunset light is great and almost always looks amazing. But what happens at night when natural light is scares? Some photographers solution is to bump up the cameras ISO (the cameras built in artificial light), the problem is, this makes for very grainy image. Or the photographer will make the images in black and white as to hide the very orange look of outdoor/ fire light. The knowledge in effective use of flash combats all these solution. This way you are able to get dimly lit reception photos in full color, without the noise of grain, or super orange photos. Flash also allows for amazing creative images! Just take a look!

14-20 day turnaround

Yes, you read that right. I have a 14-20 day turn around time on your editing wedding gallery. I don't believe any paid-in-full bride should wait more than a month for their wedding images. God forbid 3 to 6 months! That's why I've incorporated processes and systems to my work flow that creates efficiency without compromising quality.... never compromise quality! As a matter of fact all my brides get a few sneak peaks texted to their phone 24-48 hours after the wedding (often times sooner). Just a little Rebekah Paul Perk ;) 


Last, but certainly not the least of these is creativity. Creativity is something that comes from the heart space. It's unmatched not easily replicated, and very individualized. The way I see it, our images are a product of your authenticity (brought about by a relationship between couple and photographer), my professional knowledge and creativity. This is OUR art. You are not my commodity to look great in my portfolio and I am not your commodity to keep my head down show up and shoot, No. This is team work, this is the creation of something that will be a memoir for your family, a beacon of hope when life gets tough, and a moment in the history of you. 

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