Vintage Film


There is so much life in vintage film. There is no redo or manipulation, only the authenticity of whoever is standing before the lens. 


Why 8mm Film?

In a fully digitized world we've developed an appetite for instantaneous results. It's become easier to distort reality, Command "Z", copy & paste. Of course my intentions are not to villainize digital, but I appreciate a much slower and low maintenance pace when it comes video. I fell in love with the beauty of analogue film years ago and have been using it to document my personal life. Now, I have chosen to add it to my collection.

Somehow film is low pressure. I've found that it's easier and significantly less intimidating to be shot by a film camera making it easier to capture a persons character because their guard is down. Perhaps it's the humility in film that does that to a person. The grain, the slight distortion of color, the fuzzy picture and hand-held look, it literally feels like the way we remember the good old days. There is no manipulation or alteration; film just is. 

My latest 8mm Project

 Adding 8mm Film                           $750

This includes cost of film and processing of film from analog to digital format and the invaluable memory of what was captured.

8mm style film can be added to any wedding or session package for this price.

If you love the look but worry about the reliability of real film, we can discuss achieving this exact look using a digital camera.