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White Sands and Renewed Vows

What started as a thank-you session for my first out of state wedding, Robyn & Jay turned it into a full fledged vow renewal in one of the most enchanting locations in the southwest.

All this started January of 2019 when Robyn and myself met for coffee on a freezing dreary day. We jokingly kicked around idea of doing a session outside of Texas until we quickly realized that each of us would 100% be down actually do the session outside of Texas.

We busted out calendars and calculated the time it would take to plan a trip and where, when Robyn suggested White Sands National Monument on a random Wednesday in May... Sounded good to me! After all I was 3 months into being a photographer and didn't have a thing booked for May.

5 long months we waited until the day finally arrive and Robyn and I got to meet again in the exact location we agreed upon that cold winter day over coffee. Robyn & Jay gave us such a great time and lots of laughs as we would accidentally overhear Jay whispering compliments in Robyns ear that would make anyone blush.

Their connection was fierce and passionate as you could hear it in their voices as they read their vows to one another. I've shot nothing like this in my short 8 months of photography, and the best part is witnessing each exchange of love from behind my lens. Like the iris of the eye, not one exchange is the same as the next but unique and lovely in it's own way. It's theirs and theirs alone and I feel so honored to capture it all.

Photography: Rebekah Paul Photography

Location: White Sands National Monument

Dress: Lola's Couture

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