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Villa Antonia | Leigh & Rob's Dark and Stormy Romantic Villa Wedding

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

What does Villa Antonia, Hogwarts, stormy days, and the Hardy wedding all have in common? The fact that they all align with my dark academia, mysterious, moody romantic bleeding heart.

It might not be a flex to have to describe yourself as a "bleeding heart" but it's the part reason why I can't help but to romanticize your story and your life. As a matter of fact, to be frank, I don't know how to do this wedding photography thing any other way.

Leigh and Rob were one of those 2020 couples that were stuck in a daunting cycle of rescheduling and waiting it out. A wedding experience no couple should have to go through. However, Leigh and Rob made the best out of a situation that was out of their control and by the time Monday March 21, 2022 rolled around they were FAR beyond deserving of their wedding celebration.

That Monday, the one they waited so long for was predicted to have thunderstorms however, I do not dare call it an unfortunate predicament because for the lovers of all things moody, romantic, and mysterious a rainy wedding was most welcomed by myself and Leigh! Truth be told, we were ready to welcome the day no matter the weather.

Just before guests arrive to Villa Antonia Leigh and her father prepped for the first look. Leigh's made sure to sport a large pin on the right side of his lapel with Leighs kindergarten photo with pride.

It was the beginning of the ceremony when the sky opened up and released its swollen clouds full of rain. It was a beautiful moment and guest hurried inside to dry off and watch Leigh and Rob share their vows.

Our plans unfolded moment by moment as we watched the sky and waited for a break in the downpour in hopes of making a fast move on couples portraits in the garden area Leigh loved so much. To our excitement, Leigh got exactly what she wanted and they skies gave way to let it a little sunshine for Rob and Leigh at the perfect moment.

It was smooth sailing from here. It was the moment Leigh and Rob had waited so long for; a party with all of their family and friends without reduced number, worry or fear of anything. The cake was cut, the dance was done and Leigh and Rob cut loose 2 long years of waiting and left it all on the dance floor.

The storm never let out any rain the rest of the day but instead offered an amazing lightening show the entirety of the night.

It was her bridesmaid who tapped my shoulder and said, "do you know what would be cool? If you got an image of them with standing under the lightening show!" What an incredible idea... one that I was ashamed I didn't think of myself! It was the perfect was to encapsulate the story of their day, the mood, the romance in absence of light, the storm that graced their wedding, and the beautify of it all.

Vendor List

Hair Makeup Artist: Lauren Garcia Makeup

Florist: Zuzu's Petals

Cake: Lori Lewis Bakery

Rentals: Monarch Rentals

Dress: Rue de Seine

Sketch Artist: Vogue Vignette

Pianist: Mikaela Kahn

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