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The Most Beautiful Family Session I've ever done: Garza Family at Canyon Lake

I've pondered on how I would approach this session. This is one of the most moving family sessions I've personally shot. Marissa is another photographer, in fact she is an incredibly talented photographer that I feel honored to know and work along side. She's a firecracked and full of passion that this world need so much more of. I never thought I'd be asked by her to do her family session. I still am in somewhat of a disbelief and the weight of everthing I just mentioned contricts the flow of what I wish I had the words to express and say for this blog. But Marissa... full of her passion spoke some of the most pure words that I, with permission, wanted to share in leiu of my words. This that you are about to read, is the reasons and the "why" behind my brand.

"The hardest season yet of being a momma to these littles. It has been constant questioning. It has been a season of challenge.... What I used to think was my right to be just that to these littles seems more and more of a fight to be their mother. Going into this session. My heart ached. It hasn’t been fair.... [And] as I held my babes. Tears just came. Because it has been hard. It has been real. && my drive to be something for them. To them. It becomes stronger. But this is US. I went to @rebekahpaulphoto with a hearts desire to just capture us. Nothing but the camera. Just us in our true form. Being silly. Being goofy. And the reality of our life. When I got our photos back. The tears just poured. This is exactly what was captured. There are moments that I hold them and just remember when they were little. They were naive. Their little minds weren’t trying to figure out adult things. Adult behaviors...

I’m thankful for the honesty, I can share with them to try and make sense of it. I’m thankful that they are strong in their own way. && I’m thankful that light is in every situation even in the chaos."


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