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St. Agnes Chruch Terlingua Wedding: Gabby and Zane Ivey

Updated: May 22, 2020

The wild west, desert ruins, a ghost town, and abandoned mines nearing a century old. I would suspect no one’s first thoughts are wedding related. But may I disrupt those thoughts with these spectacular images from the Ivey Wedding! February 22, 2020 Gabriella and Zane Ivey chose this unique destination to be the beginning of their forever.

Thanks to Mr. Perry (and many others) Terlingua, Texas was once a hub where liquid metal was extracted from the earth until WWII when all mining was brought to a abrupt stop. Everything went bankrupt and the town was deserted, including Mr. Perry’s mansion, the local schoolhouse, and the town’s catholic church. A true ghosttown tucked in the big bend of Texas only to be brought back to life years late with the help of the Ivey family. Now, Terlingua see’s the faces of many tourist stopping by during their stay at Big Bend National Park. Often times, eating at the well-known starlight theatre and driving by the abandoned ruins. Working hands helped restore Perry’s old mansion into a beautiful hotel experience as well as St. Agnes Catholic Church just down the road. The Ivey family had many reason to rebuild this portion of Terlingua, But their favorite reason was for the wedding of, Gabby and Zane.

The wedding labor began early in the week as family rolled in from all over Texas and even Florida to prepare and eventually celebrate. Friday night kicked off all wedding festivities with the rehearsal dinner and the same spirit of merriment ebbed into Saturday morning with ease. Gabby and her girls were preparing for Gabby's walk down the aisle and Zane, just a few yards down the hill, was also preparing for his bride. The Terlingua Desert sun was forgiving to us all and the day even brought with it a sweet breeze. All was right in the day and everyone was ready to begin.

St. Agnes’s four walls were filled to the brim with friends and family and even a few wandering locals, all happy to be there in support of Gabby and Zane Ivey. It was time, and everyone stood as Gabby walked through the heavy wood doors of St. Agnes Church. There are few things in this world more beautiful than when a husband to be lays eyes on his wife for the first time fully clothes in her spotless gown. It’s that moment when we all begin to fade away, signaling the transition that something lovely is about to take place. All eyes were on Gabby, but it was clear that Gabby only saw Zane, and no one else.

Pure Joy erupted when the pair first kissed as man and wife and with a jolly prance Gabby and Zane took their first steps into their new lives together as one. The guest made their way to the second stop of the evening, that freshly refurbished Perry Mansion and enjoyed some of the finest looking food I ever did see! Gabby and Zane were soon to join the party and walk right into the cutting of the cake, followed by their first dances with each other under the warmth of the stringed lights.

After much mingling, we all migrated to the last and final stop of the night, Starlight Theatre. Gabby changed from her formal gown to a adorable free flowing boho dress with white boots and hat setting the tone for and long night of dancing with Zane and close family. Zane had booked his favorite band from Austin, Texas to play that same evening at the Startlight Theatre for their wedding. Live music works wonders in a group and with a few blasts from the sax and pops from the snare drum that crowd was ready to go on and on till dawn.

Many congratulations to Gabby and Zane Ivey, newly wedded, so youthful and full of love! We forever wish upon them that same youthful, hopelessly romantic, old fashioned kind of love that inspire everyone around them. May your lives together be full of the happiest days, may you stay hydrated in the scorching trials of life, and may you always find reason to celebrate the beauty in one another!


Photographer: Rebekah Paul Photography

Cinematographer: Juan Jose Films

Location: Terlingua, Texas

Venue: St. Agnes Chruch with reception held at the Perry Mansion and Starlight Theatre

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