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South Congress Austin Texas Engagement Session

Jen and John had a very specific request for non-cheese engagement session. Something that looked and felt natrual and made sense in the environment that they were in.

I remember meeting up with Jen and John when discussing the possibilities of the session when she told me, no fields and no piggy-back rides. I knew exactly the style that she didn't want and laughed. It was the first request I ever got like that and I was happy to oblige.

Of course there is nothing wrong with that style, it's popular for a reason and an easy way for couples to break down nerves and have fun in front of the camera. However, I am not a photographer that is interested being one-sized-fits all but a photographer that desires to be liquid and take on the unique shape of the couple I am serving.

This is Jen and John.

Photographs by Rebekah Paul Photography

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