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Sekrit Theatre: Family Maternity Session

This Family made the near three hour drive from Houston, Tx to have their photos done and the very popular Sekrit Theatre. Who can blame them though? Once you've been here it's easy to see why it's such a popular hot spot for all sorts of sessions and photographers. There is a fee of $100 to use the property and help support and maintina the quarkiness of this shared space. But every penny is worth it!

Sekrit Theatre is glittered with odds and ends, things that make you scratch your head but not for too long because it quickly dawns on you how cool it all is. The owner is a collector of random object, chandeliers, old school busses gutted and furnished with vintage furniture, a love boat fashioned as a giant swan, vintage vespa scooter, a TukTuk... this place truly has it all and then some!

The "H" family contacted me early in the year to document the occasion of their family trasitioning from a family of three to a family of four. Their son, very excited for the gaining of a baby brother and happy to point towards mama's belly everytime he was asked where his baby brother was. Often times leaning in for kisses as long as he could reach his mothers baby bump.

The session was fun and made me saw "aww" audibly a minimum of 400 times (possible slight exaggeration but quite possibly not). Big brother was so adventurous and so curious, surrounded by everythign imaginable to a 2 year old toddler he had to touch and see it all. If I am truthful, I love letting the little children lead the session from time to time. Like adults, an experience might forever change the way we view an activity. Photography must be fun for children as much as it should be for the adults. It also minimizes the chances for an overflow of emotions (aka meltdown) that might cut a session shorter than it need to be. This session was all about play! We took a light hearted approach and captured such pure moments within Sekrit Theatre. Moments that the "H" family will forever hold and share with their soon-to-be new family memeber.

Photographer: Rebekah Paul Photography

Venue: Sekrit Theatre

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