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San Angelo Wedding at Fort Concho: Sasha & Haydon

I have to share this story with complete transparency... not that I share my stories any other way but I'm going to be vulnerable here.

I was not the first choice for Sasha and Haydon. They both came to me after their original photographer wasn't able to attend their wedding and I was available. I don't know how they found me, other than through Instagram and on top of that I've never used a hashtag for San Angelo, Tx because honestly, I didn't know it existed till this wedding. I don't know any of the details of how we were brought together but I do know that I cannot express the gratitude I feel for being able to be part of document their wedding. The unfold was so different, we didn't get to meet up in person prior to the wedding, and we didn't have the time for an engagement session. We had one zoom call, and email communication. So much less personal than my typical weddings.

San Angelo is the true gateway of the wild desert of West Texas. We arrive at Fort Concho on a cloudless, fiery, triple-digit afternoon. I stepped inside and found my way to Sasha. She was surrounded by her bridesmaids, every one of them incredibly kind. The strange part is how comfortable I felt, the ease of talking to her for the first time in person and all of the people there felt like a community people I've known before. It was beautiful. It wasn't long before Haydon arrived and brought with him the same feelings.

It was so beautiful to the see physical reaction Sasha couldn't contain when she was told Haydon was in the building. It was subtle for the quiet person she struck me as, but her joy was somehow wildly contagious. The first look came, and I think I held my breath the whole time as Haydon repeatedly embraced Sasha again and again sinking deep into her amorous-eyed stare and fully embodied elegance. The Lord was present. And every wedding The Lord is invited to has a fragrance familiar to any child of His. The wedding, a mere reflection and demonstration of how Christ loves us His people, exclusively; forsaking all others to be with His bride.

So, perhaps the start of this all was a little atypical. But I am not really one to believe in coincidences. However, I am grateful, very very grateful to have met, and share a small part in Sasha and Haydon's Wedding. I don't have favorites, but I have weddings that I know I can never forget. Here is one.

Blessings upon Blessing to you Sasha and Haydon! I know The Lord will be good to you in your new marriage.


Photography: Rebekah Paul Photography

Locations: Fort Conch (Wedding Ceremony) Miss Hattie's (reception) San Angelo, Texas


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