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Lustre Pearl East: Andrew & Brittany's Intimate Austin Wedding

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Ever heard of a wedding at the Lustre Pearl? Me either, till this one, and let me tell you, I am down with any bar wedding because of this wedding!

Brittany and Andrew came to early last year asking to book me for their intimate elopement that was to take place at this popular little bar on Rainey street in East Austin. Being an advocate for unique weddings and believing in the force behind make a wedding exactly how you had always wanted, I agreed to be their photographer.

I had never been to Lustre Pearl until Brittany, Andrew, and I met up at the place to discuss the final details of the wedding. I was taken back at how cute the area is and how much potential there was for really cool Keep-Austin-Weird-Vibe spots for their wedding photos. However, I didn't get to see inside the venue that night we met up because there was a private event taking place. I did peep through the windows ( I am completely aware of how creepy that is) to get a semi decent look as to what I should expect wedding day.

Lustre Pearl is basically an old house turned quaint funky bar and it totally has a vibe that feels like kicking back at someones home. There is still the old chimney and much of the original flow of the house has remained. This played such a terrific role in the unity that was already felt during Brittany and Andrews wedding. A small home filled with 60 or so of their closest family and friends, drinks in hands, and all the walls echoing the sounds of jolly and laughter celebrating the two newlyweds promise to forever. I couldn't imagine a better way to end 2019 wedding season to be honest.

The skies were a bit gloomy over the Luster Pearl but that only meant that the stringed lights were turned on sooner. Inside, Brittany was sitting alone in the room where the ceremony was to take place. She hadn't seen Andrew yet and was visibly a little nervous. We quickly set up a space to do a first look, and that's all it took for the nerves to fade away. Not too long after Brittany and her Dad stepped outside as her guest began to arrive and be seated. A special guest was waiting inside as well, it was Max, Brittany and Andrews beloved fur baby garnished with his own boutonnière!

There ceremony was short but oh so sweet with an exchange of handwritten vows and a few pats on Max's head as he walked up and down the middle isle to ensure the guest were all comfortable and maybe... possibly, have a snack in their bag???

Following the Ceremony there marriage license was signed on the porch of the Lustre Pearl. After, Brittany, Andrew and I took some time for couples wedding day portraits. They made it clear that they wanted to stop at all the murals painted up and down the sides of the cinderblock wall around the Lustre Pearl. Who would say no to that?! I love the vibe these two had. It was so much fun guiding them through the portrait process but my favorite is when couples catch the drift and start taking the lead and trying out a few "poses" on their own. I can't replicate your authenticity, I can only help coax it out and nothing makes a photographer happier than when a couple says, "hey can we try this?!" Needless to say we had much fun. And to top it off, one leisurely bar hopping couple swung by with their golden-doodle puppy to congratulate Andrew and Brittany and even let Brittany get a few photos with their very cute puppy.

The fun and merriment ceased to fizzle out as the night went on. From first kiss to sparkler exit, Andrew and Brittany's wedding overflowed with love and celebration poured out from every one of their guest.

Here's to Forever-eva, Brittany and Andrew!

All photography shot and edited by: Rebekah Paul Photography

Location: Lustre Pearl East (Austin, Tx)

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