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Leander Dinosaur Tracks Family Session

This family had spent the summer of 2020 in Oregon renovating Erin's old home in preparation to sell it. They had a plan together to get out of debt and find spiritual closure from from Erin's past life there. It was the beginning of a beautiful blessing and this hard working determined couple, by the help of God, paid off their debt and sold the old home. It was time to celebrate with a family session that included their two children, the unborn child, and Burl, Daniels father.

A special location for the family that has spent time out there before. It was familiar and the perfect place for the kids to let go and get lost in the wonder of the outdoors. The whole family wore matching black rubber boots to ensure maximized fun for puddle jumping. Cannon (their oldest son) would prove to be the defeating match for his pair of rubber boots managing to fall into the water and getting completely soaked about 5 different times by the end of the sesssion.

The last time he fell into the water Erin simply couldn't hold in her laughter and promptly whipped around, hand over mouth to avoid Cannon from seeing her break into laughter after his um-teenth fall into the water. Daniel asked me at the same time he's pulling a crying Cannon out of the water, "did you get that!?" Cannon, a tough boy, was easily consoled and found comfort in getting back at mom by splashing her with water that filled his rubber boot. Clover (their baby girl) found her courage to touch the water with the grace that little girls seem to always carry. She found a little pup that belonged to a passerby that brough her big joy in a small package.

I am so proud of this family and so proud of these images that capture exactly what happened that day. There is a story behind this session and a family doing what they love together. I hope you make it a habit to find time to create memories with the people you love.

This is the Fulenwider Family

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