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Lauren and Ben's SoCo + Coffee Engagement Session

Lauren and Ben made one thing clear, They wanted casual, authentic, unposed fun.

As a matter of fact one of the things she expressed for me is her inability to understand why couples would ever do the holding-hands-with-their-bodies-and-heads-facing-oppisite-directions pose. Like, how specific is that and who is she calling out?! LOL!

But lucky for her (and me) I'm not a huge fan of that pose for the same reason she isn't... what does that pose even mean? I can hear you guys in the back saying it's art, it's expressive, don't get me wrong... I get it. I do, and I'd be lying if I said I had never done it but every time I've done it outside of the request of the clients themselves, I can't help but ask myself, why? As a matter of fact, so many of my images and popular IG images of weddings I ask myself that single word question, "why?" but I digress...

Speaking of "why"s learn more about my why and my passion behind wedding/couples photography right here

I believe any session and especially an engagement session sould be a date with me as your third wheel. Like an actual date. Sure we can go to a golden field but what are we going to do there? Do we have a plan a game we can play, an activity we can do? Finding ways to be yourself and do what you would normally do together is the best way to create an authentic session experience and get authentic genuine reactions and gestures with one another.

But, back to Lauren and Ben.

The pair love South Congress and Coffee and were up for a early morning date taking a stroll through the colorful streets of Austin. Whether you're a resident or a frequent visitor, one thing is for certain, there will always be something new down South Congress. It's ever evolving and will likley always be. Ben and Lauren explored all that was new from their last visit and paid homage to the classic spots like the "I love you so much" wall all while being their very cute and goofy selves

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We wrapped up the session with iced coffee from Cosmic Coffee Bar. To all of our suprise, this little coffee bar had the most precious little roost for a random brood of hens. Lauren was delighted to see the chicken and even more delighted to see a tiny cart stocked with all sorts of herbs and succulents, to which she was able to name just about every single one. Now, thats a girl I could have a great conversation with, and we absolutely did :)

I love getting to know my clients. Engagement sessions are so far beyond show-up and shoot. It's a stroll through town together, a leisure walk and talk with the occasional interruption of conversation to put you in some great lighting or activity. It's literally like a date, you me and your partner lol.

Special thanks to Cosmic Coffee for being so down to sharing their gorgeous space with us.

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