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Laguna Gloria: Travis & Stephanie Engagement Session

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

This is the engagement session story of two very cool New Yorkers. Once upon a time, these two were Texas residents which is why they opted to have their wedding here in the Lone Star State. Laguna Gloria was an obvious choice for them when deciding where to exchange their vows and celebrate with their people.

The choice to photograph their engagements was a last minute decision while visiting family in Texas this fall. It doubled as a chance to get to know them before the wedding and walk about Laguna Gloria following along in their vision of how they would set up the venue for their wedding.

Once she mentioned seating their guest at a long farm table under stringed lights, it became even more obvious that this couple had a mind for doing "togetherness" in style!

Beyond their incredible taste, I learned that Travis and Stephanie are individuals comfortable in front of the camera. I love directing couples don't get me wrong, but to have a couple so willingly and readily show their affection and playfulness with little to no coaxing or direction was a breath of fresh air and so much fun! All that you see, is simply them. Their smiles are real, the affection is authentic, and quirky little looks at one another... you simply cannot fabricate that as a photographer!

And if I can take a few more moments to talk about Laguna Gloria, I think it would be beneficial for anyone considering this place for a wedding or engagement session to know how wonderful of a space it is! Laguna Gloria is a part of The Contemporary Austin located on a 14 acre lot surrounded by contemporary art structures including a very tall statue of a man looking up at the sky made of what looks like compressed tin foil. The actually Laguna Gloria building is small with many rooms that don't have keys and have not been opened for decades. However, most weddings that take place here are quaint outdoor weddings under the stringed lights and open night sky. The building has the charm and character of a French country side home. Perfectly trimmed hedges, manicured courtyard, and a stone fountain around the back. This place does not disappoint aesthetically. And these are just my thoughts before I've seen it dressed up for a wedding.

Until then, I will be singing the praises of Laguna Gloria as the perfect venue for an engagement session and counting down the days till these two sweethearts say "I do".




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