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Bubbly, quarky, and pure. Those are the three words I would choose to describe Kaitlyn and Seth. I first met Kaitlyn in person at her friends wedding who I photographed. She was beyond sweet and a person any bride would want by her side!

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Kaitlyn and Seth wanted to keep the mystery intact for their wedding day and choose to wait to see one another for the first time that day down the aisle. Instead the wrote letter to one another. The preparation that took place in the beautiful rustic spaces at the Felton Ranch was harmonious and steady from the first looks with Kaitlyns party to the prayer that Seths buddies covered him in. This was bound to be a very blessed wedding.

This particular spring day at the Felton Ranch was perfect. The owners of this venue put in an excellent amount of attention to detail to accomidate K + S wedding. With all the rains we had in central Texas, everything had grown thick and lush and made for a stunning backdrop for their wedding ceremony under the century oak tree. However, as beautiful as it was it couldn't possibly outshine the beauty of K + S ceremony. A foot washing ceremony that symbolized the servitute each one vows to give one another throughout their marriage moved us all.

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With all that central Texas spring rain came the good (lush green full foliage) but it also brought with it a bit of mud. Something that the couple didn't allow to ruin their day. Katilyn boho chic little dress got so muddy at the bottom but rather than being a pain point, it was a point of good memories because, you can always clean a dress. Her choice was to live in the moment and soak it all in, no pun intended!

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Underneath the covering of an old Turkey barn, Aubrey Mungia and her team made a already rustic vintage blank canvas the Felton Ranch provided into a decorated boho vintage chic wedding reception that perfectly encapsulated K + S ideal wedding aesthetic. However, the best decor were all the people that sat around the table celebrating the union of K + S

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After toasts the party began and K + S who are Aggies made sure to gather around with other fellow Aggies and scream out their Aggie War Hymn... lol Only in Texas, Y'all :D

And with all the party complete K + S exited their beautiful wedding day with a bubble exit.

Congratulations to the new lovely couple, Mr & Mrs Nichols

Venue: Felton Ranch

Photography: Marissa Simon (photographer) Associate shot for Rebekah Paul Photography (Owner and Editor)

Event Planner: Events by ASM

Catering: JM Catering by Events by ASM

Florist: Aubrey Mungia by Events by ASM

Deserts: Treats by Suzy

Rentals: Aubrey Mungia

Dress: Chic Nostalgia

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