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How to Choose the Right Photographer for your Wedding

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Choosing a photographer for you wedding is a important part of wedding planning but, it doesn't have to be stressful. I've put together 4 very important points to consider when choosing a photographer for your wedding!

1. Be sure you vibe

Think about it, your wedding day and a person you don't feel like you know is snapping photos of you and your new spouse all night, asking you to pose this way and that way and you feel like the poses your doing don't feel natural and not something you and your spouse would ever do in real life but you don't know how to kindly tell them and then you end up with photos that you are less than excited about. Perhaps you think that is a hyperbolic example... perhaps not because as a wedding photographer, I hear this story time and time again. I have had client book with me after their wedding to re-do their couples photos because of this exact reason. Wedding photography, like most wedding vendors, are not cheap. Make sure you like the person you are hiring! You don't need to be BFF's with your photographer (although I have made some really great friends with a few of my brides) that is just a bonus. What you do need is to at least know and like them enough to feel comfortable with them snapping some of the most intimate moments of you and your spouse of you wedding day.

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2. Can the photographer shoot in low light

Going to be truthful with you here, photographers are a dime a dozen, few are considered professional, and even fewer of the professional photographers can confidently shoot in low light. What qualifies as low light? If your wedding takes place in a dimly lit venue/church or any part of your wedding day will take place at a time were the sun under the horizon. A photographer that know how to use off camera flash, and use it well, is the difference between getting images that are not blurry (compensation by slow shutter speed), Not grainy (compensation by cranking up ISO), or all in black and white, (in ability to properly white balance with flash). If you want vibrant colorful photos of your guest dancing or vibrant colorful photos of your sparkler exit... the photographer MUST know how to use off camera flash well otherwise this simply wont happen!

See a wedding gallery shot in low light and even outside at night!

3. Make sure you really like the photographers style

Let's say you found a photographer you jive with and within your budget, but your not crazy about the way they pose their couples or the way they edit the colors of their photos. You think: "I'll just ask them to color correct a different way". Not a good idea and the reason why is simple. You wouldn't go to Little Caesar's and as them to make you a pizza like Grimaldis' because one they would probably tell you to go to Grimaldis if you wanted their pizza, and two, it definitely would NOT taste like Grimaldis' pizza. Photography is no different. Be sure that you thoroughly look through the photographers Facebook, Instagram, website, or wherever they have their portfolio and be sure you're crazy about their work. Having full trust in your photographer is such a wonderful experience because you get to let go of any worry about how the images will come out because you like and trust their vision. An additional benefit is that the when a photographer feel trusted, your images will likely come out better because trust me on this; there is NOT BETTER FEELING as a photographer when your client says "I trust you" It's like you've been given wings of empowerment to be yourself behind the camera. This benefits both parties in the BEST way!

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4. Check in with the delivery time

Waiting for your wedding day images is an anxious event. As a past bride and photographer I've experienced both sides and fully empathize with both sides. With that said imagine how disappointing it would be to wait 6 months for your photos just to see that they look like they haven't been edited in the slightest. As stated in the video, don't hesitate to ask your photographer how long it take to receive your images back! Cross check it with their work. If a photographer tells you they take a week to edit but their images look like they ran through them carelessly don't book. But if they look polished and there isn't messy background noise, stains left on clothing, or blemishes/bruises on skin it would be worth considering the booking. I once had a client that book say that one of the reasons they chose me over another photographer was because "there was a bug in the image" of one of the images from the other photographer. I kid you not. I won by not having bug in my photo.

Editing takes time and because it really depends on how busy the season is and how efficient the photographers editing process is, these moving parts make it hard to determine how long the turn around time should be. But however long it is, check the portfolio to make sure the wait (however long) is worth it.

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