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Austin Wedding at VUKA : Cash and Tom's v unique Austin wedding.

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Back around June, Cash and I spoke on the phone about potentially booking me for their wedding. The conversation was quirky as she and Tom told me the last thing they wanted heir wedding to be was traditional. So much so that in lieu of a cake cutting they wanted to serve cheese so that they "could cut the cheese" At that moment I knew I wanted to be their photographer so bad, and as fate had it, I had the honor of doing so! The wedding was set to be at VUKA at Monroe.

The day of shooting was such an ease. I met her at their home where she was getting ready with some friends and relatives. The stress was low and the aesthetics were a photographers dream. As the wedding day progressed everything began to fall into place perfectly. Cash was beautifully adorned with gold Bee earrings and brass flowers weaved in her curly red hair. Tom waited for her at the alter, the happiest guy there. Then the music began. The theme song from Harry Potter accompanied Cash down the aisle towards Tom. Her voice broke through the silence as she said, "Told y'all it was going to be weird!"

Their officiant and friend had agreed to do their wedding months in advance and was granted permission to surprise the couple with something special. Cash and Tom had no idea till he revealed that he had hallowed out a Harry Potter book and in it, place dice and a map of Austin Texas. It was a personalized game inspired from Dungeons and Dragons. He spoke an elaborate scenario as they played this game as part of the ceremony. There was a dark figure recking havoc on their journey through a marsh, they progressed selecting hilarious choices that were ingeniously thought of by their friend the officiant. Finally, as the their figurative battle was near exhaustion, they were told they had a secret weapon. And there it was... "HOPE" written on the back of their game cards. At that moment Tom grabbed Cashes hand and failed to let go.

The night only got better with the coolest 90's cover band serving up all the hits everyone in the room grew up with. It reminded me so much of senior prom, but cooler, and 1000% less awkward. Everyone let go and let loose as they celebrated the two most wonderful, unique, charming, and down right amazing people in that room. Even though my time of knowing them has been very short, it doesn't take a brainiac to know that these two are so loved and cherished.


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Wedding Details

Wedding Dress: Lillian West

Live 90's Cover Band: Type A


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