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Enchanted Rock Elopement | Texas Elopement Photographer | Christiana & Greg


Those of us native Texans know that there is so much this amazing state has to offer, but for those of you reading who might think it's all cowboys and whataburger (you're not entirely wrong) let me show you one of the many hidden gems of Texas.

Far east Texas you will find tall pine trees and deep wooded forest, lakes and marsh-like land. At South Texas you have the seashore and Padre Island, Far west you'll find desert mountians and Big Bend National Park, and in the panhandle you can find Palo Duro State Park Texas' largest canyon! But, right in the center of the hill country you'll find Enchanted Rock State Park.

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Surrounded by lush green rolling hills and the multiple rivers that keep the land so green, Enchanted Rock State Park stands out. Often described to be Mar's like the rock is one giant pink granite rock that can be summited, albeit, not without a fight if you're cardio isn't up to par. The top is a 360 degree view of rolling hills and a horizon that can sure put on a breathtaking show if timed with sunrise or sunset.

With Enchanted Rock only ~2 hours from Austin, is it any wonder why Greg and Christiana ( Chris) chose this as their Elopement spot? Well, perhaps calling it an elopement might be slightly misleading...

Chris and Greg had me on retainer for their March 2020 wedding that never happened due to a global pandemic. After a series of events in their personal lives, it made sense for them to tie the knot in the quickest fashion at the courthouse. Once a year had passed Chris and Greg asked to set up the wedding they never got to have two weeks away from their first year anniversary.

This elopement would be a suprise to their family who live all over the world from Brazil to New Zealand where Chris & Greg are from. Enchanted Rock proved to be the perfect location and having been there a handful of times myself for past sessions, elopements, and personal trips, I got to take the pair to locations off the main trails that took their breath away. Greg especially took an interest in the multitude of buzzards looming above us as the we wrapped up the first half part of our session.

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However, both of these quietly observing the aesthetics of the surrounding view. Greg who's home was New Zealand for the majority of his life said it was like nothing he'd ever seen back home. Reader... We are talking about a New Zealand native who was astonished by our Enchanted Rock... just let that sink in. And if that doesn't tell you what a gem this place is, I am certain you are far past the point of convincing that our Texas is a beautiful place to be.

Chris and Greg had a special request. After seeing some of my astrophotography work, the asked if I could capture an image of them in the midsts of the star speckled night sky. Assuming the weather was in our favor I agreed to give it a shot (no pun intended). The original forcast showed us cloudy skies but what we thought would be a atmosphere that would prevent a glorious sunset or a phenominal astro-shot ended up being a dramatic sky.

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