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Chapel Dulcinea: Crystal & Sydney's Chaple Dulcinea Wedding

Chapel Dulcinea is one of the best things about being in the Austin/ Hill country wedding industry. Among all the countless and beautiful venues across the Texas hill country, Chapel Dulcinea stands on the edge of a plateau overlooking the rolling hills of Austin's finest country side. Spanish accents make it feel as though you've transcended into the spanish country side and the best news of all. Chapel Dulcinea is a FREE venue. I could hardly belive it myself.

Born from the hearts of two people who could only afford their wedding reception at an Oklahoma Pizza Hut, Roy and Penny made it their mission to create the first free wedding chapel (in the world!!) for couples that were hurting financially. What a beautiful passion! Of course Chapel Dulcinea requires maintenance and the employees certainly dont work for free so there are ways to donate to the Chapel (Click here to learn about becoming a sponser if your passion is to support another couple's wedding)

Chapel Dulcinea is also very "hip" and with the times providing couples with streaming services (including audio) for your vitual guests, which we all know is a necessary this year (2020). You can see the live camera by clicking here... Perhaps you'd be an unexpected guest to someone's wedding by clicking right now.

There are so many amazing reason to wed here or support Chapel Dulcinea. Crystal and Syd saw them all.

Together for 12 years Crystal and and Syd were ready to make things official. Their beautiful daughter was in attendance with two other guest, one of which had the honor of marrying them. I found it poetic in a way that their daughter helped her mother prepare and get dressed for her wedding and was a front row as their most valued witness to their wedding.

Like new lovers, Crystal were giddy looking into the eyes of one another speaking their vows into the world and their witnesses. As a believer in love being all you need to make a wedding great, Chapel Dulcinea provides the perfect space to make that reality come to life.

Congratulations to Crystal and Syd on their wedding! And cheers to your continued lives together!

Photographs by: Rebekah Paul Photography

Venue: Chapel Dulcinea

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