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Allan House: Monica & Sorenson's Wedding

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Where do I begin with these two? How do I even describe them? Passionate, amorous, sultry, hopeless romantics, or all of the above? All of the above is the answer I choose. I've only known the pair since our relationship began after booking but my first impressions were confirmed the night of their rehearsal dinner. Every person who spoke about them, used the same words that came to my mind upon knowing Monica and Sorenson.

The weekend's celebration began at VUKA with a quaint rehearsal dinner where everyone sang the praises of Monica and Sorenson shedding tears of laughter and love. Long farmhouse assisted in the familial atmosphere and as a treat, each take had cute "fun facts" about the couple for their guest to enjoy. Toast after toast, each person had the same conflict of not being able to say enough about the beloved couple. Everyone drank and ate and was merry.

Friday, February 7, wedding day. Monica, just half way ready was already glowing and gorgeous! Sisters and friends got ready at The Line hotel located in the heart of downtown Austin.

After a short time, everyone was ready and hitched rides to The Allan House where Monica donned her satin gown. She looked almost complete, only needing her groom by her side. An emotional first look with her father made my eyes glassy. The private room echoed the sound of soft sniffles and words of endearment from a father so proud of his beloved daughter. The moment then came for Sorenson to see his beautiful bride. As Monica ascended the staircase, Sorenson couldn't contain his smile hearing the footsteps of his soon-to-be wife coming towards him. He was absolutely smitten.

Alas, guest began to fill the seats of the Allan House but most notable guest of all was Love herself. I was honored to be watching and existing in somebody's real life love story. The handsome Sorenson, finally marrying his gorgeous forever bride. The air shifted as Monica came down the aisle stepping closer to the person who completes her very soul. As a spectator I felt as though I began to fade away knowing that everything disappeared in that moment Monica and Sorenson locked eyes.

This is what it's all about. This is what matters in life, love like this. Love, that is deeply rooted, unwavering and replenishes what the world takes away. Love that laughs with you, and cries with you, love that add only good and prunes away the rot in our lives. Monica and Sorenson said yes to this love till forever meet no end. As I do with all my couples, I wish Monica and Sorenson a double portion of love and joy in their lives!

Photography: Rebekah Paul Photography

Wedding Planning: Heavenly Day Events

Wedding Dress: Stella York From Blush Bridal

Venue: The Allan House

Hair Stylist: Mollie Morgan

Makeup Artist: Leah Trogan

DJ: Brian Weber

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